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Socially Responsible Investing

At Insight Financial Group we provide a full range of socially responsible investments for our clients who prefer to invest in companies that have been screened for socially responsible corporate behavior and governance. Our expertise in socially responsible investing flows from our holistic approach to financial planning. We see our clients not as accounts, but as human beings who choose to put their money to work for themselves while generating positive energy in the world. We think of our investors' approach as "enlightened self-interest." Socially responsible investments are screened along the dimensions of environmental citizenship as well as fair treatment of women and minorities in the workforce. Screenings also include the treatment of children and workers in underdeveloped countries as well as the manufacture of tobacco and weaponry.

Insight Financial Group provides a comprehensivevariety ofinvestment products for socially responsible investors, all managed by financial service companies with our clients' accounts monitored by the professionals at Insight Financial Group.

Whether you are a traditional investor or a Socially Responsible Investor, Insight Financial Group has the expertise and range of investments to meet your needs. Please give us a call for more information and a no-fee initial consultation.